IT IS ALL ABOUT Face 2 Face NETWORKING 100 000 Members, Friends and Business Associates


  1. To meet people and to be known
  2. Face 2 Face Networking remains the most powerful tool in relationship building.
  3. Trust is gained through active interaction, Meet people for who they are.
  4. The more people knowing and liking you, the more likely that they will buy your product or utilize your services should the need ever arise.
  5. Be part of a bigger structure where members exchange leads and assist one another.
  6. Through all the ages and centuries Religion and Politics relied on Networking to reach the masses.


  1. We use and can use Multiple Function Venues.
  2. Functions may be hosted at a Member’s premises by prior arrangement.
  3. EXCLUSIVITY - One Cluster Member per Occupation or Profession to fill a seat.
  4. All Suspects, Leads, Referrals and or Prospects exchanged are recorded.
  5. You may be part of more than one cluster, provided that you attend the Cluster Functions and Meetings.
  6. Membership is FREE!! - NO HIDDEN AGENDA! 
  7. Gain the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over your opposition.